7 Ways to Lift Weight Without a Gym Membership

Some individuals who take real effort to reduce weight. They even spend money in order to regularly go to the gym to do weight lifting. There are other alternative for you to weight lifting without having to spend money to enroll in a gym membership. Check out 7 ways to lift weight without a gym membership.

  1. Do a mini workout at home. Your equipments may not look exactly just like the one you had at the gym, however workout at home can also be done with self-discipline and motivation. You can customize some exercises you want to do at home. There are weights sold in sports stores. You can buy them and pay for one time instead of paying monthly for a gym membership.
  1. Calorie checks. There is a tool that can be used to monitor your calories. In this way you will know how much calories you need to achieve to have the body you are longing to have. You can continue the exercise at home in case you have not reached the right weight you want.


  1. Watch your foods. You also need to check if you are eating the adequate amount of food or does it contain enough nutrient to keep your body strong. Eat a lot of protein-rich foods and avoid foods rich in cholesterol. You can plan for a menu consisting all the complete nutrients your body needs. Make sure that you have protein, fruits and vegetables.


  1. Jog every morning. This is the best time for your body to jog to burn calories and stored fats. The heat of the sun is not yet hurtful to the skin. This will help build muscles on your legs if you want to have a strong leg. You can do this at least 30 minutes regularly.


  1. Imitate workouts on YouTube videos. Watching them can also make you feel like you are in a gym. It can also be effective without hassle to spend your time in the gym. You can also download some videos which you prefer to do regularly.


  1. Do household chores. Doing household chores may also be another form of exercise since your whole body is moving while cleaning the house. You can also add gardening and other tasks that you know could release sweat from your body. In this way, you only did not get healthy, but you also make your day productive. It is also healthier to have a clean surroundings.


  1. Play a music and dance. This is not only a good exercise for the body, but this is also entertaining. There are times you may be lazy or tired to do the exercise. Doing this may not let you feel you are doing it.


Belly dancing preferable or some lively music where you can join the beat. In this way, even your mind and spirit is lifted up, while your whole body release the stress. This is a form of exercise you will surely enjoy. You can also ask your friends to join you which is more fun to do.

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