Top 3 1200 calorie diet meals

People should take care of their health and body structure. If you are having over-weight that can not only affect your appearance but also your health as well. Before starting to follow a 1200 calorie diet plan you should know the benefits of the ingredients that you are going to take. You might have tried many things that might become failed to give you a positive result, but the easy 1200 calorie meal plan is different from them. This can give you a good result in a short time. 1200 calorie diet success stories can help you to get an idea of how this works miraculously.

Useful 1200 calorie diet recipes

  1. A whole day weight loss diet

Top 3 1200 calorie diet meals

If you are finding a fruitful way to get an appealing body shape, then you can follow this 1200 calorie diet plan. This is another 1200 calorie diet vegetarian plan that works in a very short time. In the morning drink a cup of lukewarm water with a piece of lemon. Then after a short break, you can eat two biscuits with a cup of tea. Then eat a bowl of Suzie preparation and fruit salad. In lunch take three pieces of hand bread and a bowl of vegetable curry and a cup of yogurt. Then take a cup of green tea. In dinner take a bowl of yogurt with cucumber, onion, tomato, chili and salt and mix them well. With this preparation take a bowl of vegetable salad. Lemon and warm water burn your body fat. There are many 1200 calorie diet success stories of the users who are benefitted by following this routine. This routine is for the persons who are 1200 calorie diet vegetarian.

  1. Non-Veg meal for weight loss


Top 3 1200 calorie diet mealsIn breakfast eat boiled eggs, an orange or apple juice and a cup of matcha tea. In lunch to make the chicken preparation, you need some chopped mint and coriander leaves, ginger and garlic paste, black pepper, salt and olive oil. Then marinate the chicken breast with these ingredients and then cook the chicken. Then have it with carrot, cucumber tomato salad, and lemon juice. In the evening consume a bowl of matcha oats. You can make the oats with almond, pistachios, prunes and dried cranberries and blueberries. After heating a pan give the oats and almonds, pistachios, milk, water and stir a little. Then add honey and prunes in it. Then add a table spoon of matcha powder in it. For dinner, you need a table spoon English mustard sauce and a table spoon of pepper, pink salt, olive oil and lemon juice to make the preparation of the fish fillet. You can add some chopped thyme and mint leaves. These ingredients should be mixed well and marinate the fish fillet with it. Then heat a pan and cook the fish fillet well. Then have it with the carrot, cucumber and lemon juice. The ingredients like chicken breast, cucumber, tomato are full of fiber. This 1200 calorie diet program can melt the stubborn fat from your body by its anti-oxidant particles.

  1. Five dieting plans

Top 3 1200 calorie diet meals

This is another easy 1200 calorie meal plan which you can eat boiled eggs, brown rice, cucumber and tomato salad on meal one. Then for meal two, you can eat fat-free cheese sandwich and water lemons. Then in meal three you can take a banana and a cup of yogurt and on meal four eat mixed salad. Then on meal five, you need to drink a glass of skim milk and some almonds.

These diet plans are helpful to get a good response in losing weight.